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About Me

I’m a diplomat working for the European Union, specialising in international relations.

I am an analyst, interpreting intelligence gathered from my network; I am a strategist, using my analysis to make policy recommendations; I am a communicator, influencing and informing legislators, students, think tanks, foreign governments.

I write for a living: policy papers, briefings, speeches, ghost-written articles, letters, legislation. Most of this is in the public domain, though not under my name. That’s the nature of civil service work.

However, I do write occasionally under my own name. As an engaged citizen with two decades’ experience in the Brussels and Whitehall machine, I have a personal contribution to make on many issues. I blog at ottocr.at, I’ve contributed to the LSE Brexit Blog and to Policy Network, and I am an active commentator on Twitter with 16,000 followers (I’m one of Euractiv/ZN Consulting’s top #EUinfluencers, and listed in the EU Top Thirty on Twitter by blogger Jon Worth). I’m also a podcast host – my five star rated weekly Brexit podcast Cakewatch has several thousand subscribers. Find it on iTunes.