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About Me

I’m a diplomat working for the European Union, specialising in international relations.

I am an analyst, interpreting intelligence gathered from my network; I am a strategist, using my analysis to make policy recommendations; I am a communicator, talking to legislators, students, think tanks, foreign governments.

I write for a living: policy papers, briefings, speeches, ghost-written articles, letters, legislation. Most of this is in the public domain, though not under my name. That’s the nature of civil service work.

However, I do write occasionally under my own name. As an engaged citizen with two decades’ experience in the Brussels and Whitehall machine, I have a personal contribution to make on many issues. I blog at ottocr.at, and am an active commentator on Twitter (I was listed as one of the EU Top Thirty on Twitter by blogger Jon Worth). You can see more by clicking the ‘writing’ menu at the top of this page or in the sidebar on the left.